FAQs and answers for St. Joseph apartment complex

Can I Transfer to a bigger/smaller apartment at my community?

Yes, contact the office and they will have you fill out your transfer request paperwork and discuss options that are coming available and the transfer fee.

Can I get a pet after I move in?

Absolutely! Worcester Communities properties are very pet friendly, check with your office staff on the restrictions your community may or may not have regarding pets and to schedule a time to fill out your new pet addendum and pay your pet fees.

Can I pay rent online?

Yep! Sign into your resident portal and it will take you right where you need to go.

When is rent late?

Rent is always due by the 1st of each month. The first late fee is applied on the 6th of each month. Daily late fees continue to be assessd each day until the balance is paid in full. Please refer to your lease agreement for the amount of late fees.

How do I put in a maintenance request?

Enter work orders anytime though your resident portal.

Can I refer friends or family to live here?

Of course! All Worcester Community sites have a resident referral program which leads to cash money!

What is considered a maintenance emergency?

Anything that requires immediate attention or else it will cause material harm to the property or person should be reported right away. These issue include; burst pipe or hot water heater, any flooding of the home, sewage backup, a roof collapse, heat not working when the temperature is 50 degrees or below outside, AC not working when it is 85 outside, when a toilet is backed up and there is only one in the home.